Global Learning

At St Thomas’s, we aim to embed global learning in our school curriculum, running across all teaching and learning. We strive to equip children with the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will enable them to succeed in today’s society.

Critical thinking is an essential skill for children to develop, to enable them to be able to form their opinions on world issues. Global learning enables children to think, question and debate critically about the issues that face them both locally and nationally currently, therefore, enabling children to contribute to today’s world and shape the world for the future.

Empowering children to take a stand on injustices around the world is a powerful tool to equip children to have. This allows our pupils to be empowered and make the changes they would like to see in the world.


Open Arms Academy, Kenya

Open Arms International was founded in November 2003 to meet the immediate needs of orphaned and abandoned children in Eldoret, Kenya who were suffering from a wide variety of life-threatening diseases.

We are so proud to have a partnership with Open Arms. Mrs Hope has visited the Academy for many years now, and was joined last year with Mrs Cole.

We support Open Arms with resources and staff training. Recently, we purchased bibles for the children.



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